Black Frosted Glass Roller Bottle 10ml

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Want CLEAR ROLLER BOTTLES instead? clear glass roller bottle

10 ml (.3 oz) BLACK FROSTED Glass Roll on Bottles

Buy in bulk and save even more.


Here you will find translucent Black frosted bottles with regular (plastic) or stainless steel roller balls.

  • Add your favorite fragrance oil blend to this 3", .35 oz glass vial and take your aromatherapy with you. The perfect size for your favorite perfume or an aromatherapy roll-on blend on the go. This black roller bottle is just small enough to fit in your pocket!
  • The 1/4" Rolling ball allows for smooth application of carrier oil blends or lightweight creamy blends.
  • Each bottle comes with the ball insert and cap.
  • Let your imagination be your guide! Use this bottle with your favorite Headache remedy blend, Insomnia Blend, or Stress Remedy Blend.
  • Add a bit of unscented lotion to make a creamy touch-on blend!

** PLEASE NOTE - EO's need to be blended with carrier oils before adding to these bottles - otherwise they may be too thin & could leak or deteriorate the plastic roller, causing it to leak.