Aluminum Spray Atomizer - 10 ml

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4 Part Aluminum & Glass Spray Bottle - 10 ml 

Fine Mist Perfume Oil Sprayer Bottle - with Refillable Glass Tank

DIMENSIONS:  3.5" H x 1" W 

  • No Funnel required to fill - wide mouth for *easy refilling*
  • 10 ml Glass Tank
  • Leak Free Atomizer with Fine Mist Spray
  • Mulit-use - keep in your car, pocket or office, bathroom, locker and more. 
  • Compatible with Essential Oils, Perfume, Aftershave, Hand Sanitizing Blend, Deodorant Blend etc...

 Great for on the go - or while you go - keep it fresh!


Who doesn't like a fresh smelling space? With these handy little spray bottles you can easily keep one in every bathroom, bedroom, closet, office, car and any other space you typically breathe!  Perfect for your perfume or essential oil blends.