$2 Aroma Vent Clip Car Diffuser

Our Aroma Vent Clip Car Diffuser is the perfect low maintenance way to scent your space. Smell Goodness On Your Road Trip, not stale odors!

 WAIT! - WHY don't you own this product yet?? Are you using a "misting" diffuser IN THE CAR?!? Really?? Who wants the inconvenience of constantly adding water to the tank? Or the distraction of the mist floating around the car??

Come on - this is the easiest way to scent your car - just dip your wick and put it in the slot - clip it to the vent and wiff ... ahhhh.

Aroma Vent Clip Car Diffuser

This passive diffusion method is easy - no fuss and delivers your favorite scents for months. 

    • MATERIAL: Aluminum
    • COLORS: Blue, Black, Red Silver
    • ADJUSTABLE SCENT: can reduce or expand the scent with the turn of a dial
    • UNSCENTED INSERT: COMES WITH 1 UNSCENTED WICK - Can be reused for months - can be refreshed any time.

Aroma Vent Clip Car Diffuser

GOTTA HAVE IT STRONG?!? SOAK IT STRAIGHT UP & CRANK UP THE AIR SO THEY CAN SMELL YOU COMING! Oh... Don't want to be overwhelmed with scent? We get it. Simply dilute your blend and adjust to the lowest setting.
  • Replacement wicks are available so you can swap out your scent any time it suits you


 Looking for a different style? Try our Frosted Glass Aroma Clip Frosted Glass Aroma Clip

Or waterless USB aroma diffuser stick