Car Diffuser Vent Clip

WOULDN'T IT BE NICE... to travel with your favorite scents this holiday??

Many of us will be driving long distances to see loved ones this holiday season. Let's face it, long car rides can be, well, long... and who wants to smell like french fries and greasy burgers when you arrive at your destination? OK, so even if you don't eat in the car, the air is still likely to be less than fresh. Right?

Well, it may help to have a bit of your favorite scents along to help keep you in good spirits and smelling delish, in a good way.

We have  a new car diffuser just perfect for this occasion!

Car Diffuser Vent Clip


If this is not your style, try our modern series Aluminum Aroma Clips:

Unscented Wicks, Easy to Adjust, Modern Aluminum Material and slim design.

Aluminum Aroma Clips Aluminum Aroma Vent Clips

Aluminum Aroma Clips