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100 Pack Nasal Inhaler
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Nasal Inhaler - Unscented

Nasal Inhaler - Unscented


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UNSCENTED Nasal Inhaler Stick w/ 2" wick

Empty essential oil inhaler tubes
White & Black IN STOCK
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BEAUTIFUL - SHINY - TOP QUALITY LOOK AND FEEL! With the highest quality wick on the market.  Looking for extra wicks? We've got them too as low as - .064 each

Includes 4 parts

- Outer Shell
- Inner Shell
- HIGHEST QUALITY 2" super Absorbent Wick (unscented)
- Cap

Outer Dims: 2.5" Long x .5" Wide (2.25" Diameter) made from food-grade plastic.


- Slowly Add essential oils to the tip of the extra absorbent wick.
- Place the scented end into the inner tube.
- Place the cap on the end of the inner shell.
- Place the tip of the inner tube up to your nose and breathe in.
- Screw the outer shell to the base of the inner tube and store away.

It's that simple and so effective! The scent will last a long time and can be refreshed by removing the end cap and adding a few more drops to the absorbent wick. Try our wholesale nasal inhalers today.

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