Choosing the right Diffuser or Nebulizer for Essential Oils

What is an essential oil Nebulizer? Why is it waterless? How is it different from an Ultrasonic Diffuser?

Which Diffuser is right for me? Do I want a Car Diffuser Clip or a USB diffuser? Will a USB Oil warmer work for me? Should I get an Ultrasonic Misting machine? What is an essential oil Nebulizer?


What is an essential oil Nebulizer?

    An oil nebulizer is one of the fastest ways to scent a space. It atomizes a concentrated blend of essential oil fragrance into a mist of tiny particles or droplets.  They hang suspended in the air and can travel throughout the space very quickly.
Why is it waterless?
    There is some confusion over terminology used to describe scent machines like these. True Nebulizers do not need water to operate. Since there is no need for water - the scent can travel much faster as it is not diluted in any way. This can be beneficial for those that do not want to add humidity to a space, or if water is not easily accessible. This also means less fuss, as there is nothing to do but swap out the bottle of oil! 
How is it different from an Ultrasonic Diffuser?
    Nebulizers are not the same as ultrasonic diffusers that use water. Ultrasonic diffusers are really humidifiers that use ultrasonic frequencies to break up the water particles into tiny droplets of aroma water. They are quite effective in humidifying a space with a fragrance over a longer period of time. These units are often preferred during the drier months of the year and can help with dry skin.