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  • Amber Glass Spray Vials in 5/8th dram and 1 dram sizes with optional reducer inserts or foam lined caps
  • 5/8th dram amber vial with black fine mist spray top
  • Wholesale Amber Glass vial, 1 Dram with optional reducer insert or spray top
  • Wholesale Vials, with foam lined cap .25 Each
  • 5/8 dram amber glass vial, bulk with reducer insert and cap
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Amber Glass Vial - with Cap

Small Glass Spray Bottle for perfume or essential oil

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EO Diffusers Plus

Amber Glass Vial (for Essential or fragrance oils)

Cap Finish: 13-425
Comes with screw on foam lined cap. 

Spray top and reducer insert options are also availabe.

Choose from 1 Dram or 5/8 Dram:
1 Dram Vial measures .6" W x  1.7" High, Capacity = 1/8 oz (3.7 ml) 
5/8 Dram Vial Measures .6" W x 1" High, Capacity = 1/12 oz (2.3 ml) 


These little vials are a great option for samples as well as gifts. They also fit in your pocket or purse for easy transport.


Cases are individual packed  - wholesale discounts