Succulent Car Diffuser Freshy - New Line of Aromatherapy Vent Clips


Check out these super cute succulent diffuser clips from EODIFFUSERSPLUS.COM.

Succulent Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Vent Clip

They are the perfect size to clip to your car vent and you can add your favorite essential oils to the absorbent padding inside the wooden pot. 

The clip will rotate to suit your needs so it can be used on both vertical and horizontal vents!


These diffuser clips look so realistic, it's hard to believe the are artificial!
The local artisan who makes them is an avid succulent aficionado and has curated a love for succulents. During the covid outbreak, she also developed a desire for essential oils in her home, office and car and she came up with this lovely combination of love and need. They are just too wonderful to pass up!

Check out these 18 different styles! There is something for everyone here:

If you love succulents and are looking for a realistic looking plant- AND you want your car to smell great - Check us out at