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  • Succulent flower car diffuser freshy aromatherapy vent clip
  • Aromatherapy Car Diffuser - succulents vent clip for essential oils
  • Aloe cactus succulent car diffuser vent clip
  • Aromatherapy Car diffuser freshies vent clip
  • Succulent flower car diffuser aromatherapy vent clip
  • Car Diffuser Aroma Vent Clip - 3 Sweeties Succulents
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Succulents - Car Diffuser Freshy - Adjustable Vent Clips

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Hand Crafted Succulent Car Diffuser Freshies Aromatherapy Vent Clips

Each air freshener clip comes with a dropper to make it easy to add your own fragrance.

If you love the look of succulents, you'll love this beautifully hand crafted item made in the USA by a LOCAL ARTISAN!  

  • EACH ONE of these little beauties is lovingly crafted with a solid wood base
  • The artificial succulents vary in size, so the total product size ranges from 3-5.5" tall
  • Each set includes a pipette for easy fragrancing
  • Comes with Attached Vent Clip for use in your car
  • Clip is adjustable from horizontal to vertical to accommodate any style vent- simply turn the clip to adjust

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