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  • essential oil car diffuser vent clip with 8ml frosted glass bottle, wooden cap and 2 reed sticks
  • essential oil car freshener - vent clip for passive diffusion
  • 8 ml Frosted Bottle Car Diffuser, Reed sticks and vent clip
  • essential oil car freshener - Clips to your vent for fresh air diffusion
  • Aroma Vent Clip - rotates 360 Degrees for the perfect fit
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Car Diffuser Vent Clip - Frosted Glass Bottle w/ Reeds

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Oil bottle vent clip - Go Passive - it's OK! 

Looking for a passive diffuser (evaporative) for your car?  We don't always want a misting type aroma diffuser in our automobile - especially when trying to drive... That is why we love this beautiful frosted glass bottle with reed sticks - perfect for use with your favorite essential oil blends or fragrances.   

  • NO FUSS - It just works.
  • Use in the car with the 360 Degree rotating clip for a secure fit
  • REMOVE the clip and use at your desk.
  • Cute - Functional and easy to take along.

Simply add a bit of your favorite EO blend, close the cap - insert the reed sticks and you will have the perfect scent every time you open the door.

GOTTA HAVE IT STRONG?!? POUR IT IN STRAIGHT UP & CRANK UP THE AIR SO THEY CAN SMELL YOU COMING! Oh... Don't want to be overwhelmed with scent? We get it. Simply dilute your blend, or use less.

  • The glass bottle is perfectly frosted for an elegant touch.
  • The large 8 ml capacity will keep oil for months at a time.

The reeds will gently wick and diffuse the scent while you drive. The silicone cover clip will fasten to your air vent and can be rotated to fit properly. 

$2.00 SALE (Regular price 2.99)


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