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  • essential oil car diffuser vent clip with 8ml frosted glass bottle, wooden cap and 2 reed sticks
  • Aroma Vent Clip - rotates 360 Degrees for the perfect fit
  • 8 ml Frosted Bottle Car Diffuser, Reed sticks and vent clip
  • essential oil car freshener - Clips to your vent for fresh air diffusion
  • essential oil car freshener - vent clip for passive diffusion
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Car Diffuser Vent Clip - Frosted Glass Bottle w/ Reeds

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Refillable Vent Clip air freshener  - Go Passive - it's OK! 

Looking for a passive diffuser (evaporative) for your car?  We don't always want a misting type aroma diffuser in our automobile ... That is why we love this beautiful frosted glass bottle with reed sticks - perfect for use with your favorite essential oil blends or fragrances.  They are the new wave of Vehicle Air Fresheners!

  • NO FUSS - It just works.
  • Use in the car with the 360 Degree rotating clip for a secure fit
  • REMOVE the clip and use at your desk.
  • Cute - Functional and easy to take along.

Simply add a bit of your favorite EO blend, close the cap - insert the reed sticks and you will have the perfect scent every time you open the door.

GOTTA HAVE IT STRONG?!? POUR IT IN STRAIGHT UP & CRANK UP THE AIR SO THEY CAN SMELL YOU COMING! Oh... Don't want to be overwhelmed with scent? We get it. Simply dilute your blend, or use less.

  • The glass bottle is perfectly frosted for an elegant touch.
  • The large 8 ml capacity will keep oil for months at a time.

The reeds will gently wick and diffuse the scent while you drive. The silicone cover clip will fasten to your air vent and can be rotated to fit horizontally or vertically. 

$1.00 SALE on 50 or more


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