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  • Car Diffuser 2 pack aroma clip silver
  • Car Diffuser 2 pack aroma clip red
  • Car Diffuser 2 pack aroma clip blue
  • Car Diffuser 2 pack aroma clip BLACK
  • Car Diffuser Aroma Clip Aluminum
  • Car Diffuser Aroma Clip
  • 4 Colors Aluminum Car Diffuser Clip
  • Car Diffuser Aroma Clip Frosted Glass
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Car Diffuser - 2 Pack Aroma Clips

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SKU: Aroma Clip 2 pack- Fbu

All Wholesale Oil Diffusers / All Wholesale Car Diffusers

Refillable car vent air fresheners

Try both styles to see which one you like best - or give as gifts!

You get:

1 Aluminum Car Diffuser Clip & 1 unscented wick
1 Frosted Glass Aroma Clip with 2 Ball Reed Sticks

Each vent clip can be scented as you like using your favorite essential oil blend or fragrance perfume.  Think of them as mini fan diffusers for your car! They use your cars air vents to help spread the aroma from the diffuser. Simply add your oil fragrance, clip the diffuser to the air vent and smell good things on your road trip.

The adjustable aluminum diffuser wick will hold a scent for months and can be turned up or down depending on your preference. As the wick dries out simply add more fragrance to easily refresh the scent.

The reed diffuser can hold up to 8ml of oil and is enough to completely saturate the air in a short time. The reeds will hold the scent for a long time and the air vents will blow the scent from the bottle as well. 

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