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  • Aluminum Essential oil Nebulizer - Waterless USB Car Diffuser
  • Waterless Essential Oil Nebulizer with USB and 10 ml bottle, Rose Gold Aluminum
  • USB Essential Oil Nebulizer - Waterless diffuser with  10ml bottle & USB cord

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser, Aluminum

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Waterless Essential Oil Nano Diffuser - Aluminum

Use any blend of essential oil simply by attaching the 10 ml bottle into the compartment ( bottle included). Easy to switch from one scent to another, and no need to scrub out your old glass mister!

Nano particles disperse into the air to cover a large space in minutes. This unit may be small but it's power is MIGHTY!  Compare to doTERRA and young living nebuliser and you'll see huge savings without sacrificing performance or function.

Comes with USB plug so you can use it in an USB adapter or USB port.

 WATERLESS Aluminum nano diffuser for essential oils and fragrances

  • Works with 5 & 10 ml euro bottle (10 ml bottle included)
  • 6-10 DAY run time on full 10 ml bottle.  
  • Covers Over 500 sq ft 
  • Home / Office / Car Diffuser - no water to spill!  Fits in most cup holders
  • Adjustable Output options 
  • Adjustable Times Intervals
  • USB Power Input: DC 5V 500mA 
  • Dimensions: 5.2" h x 3.24" w 
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4HZ
  • Material: BPA Free, Aluminum, PP, ABS (strong, sturdy quality materials!)

3 Intervals & 3 Output Settings:

  • 5 Seconds on 5 Seconds Off
  • 10 Seconds on 30 Seconds Off
  • 10 Seconds on 60 Seconds Off


    What is an essential oil Nano Diffuser? Why is it waterless? How is it different from an Ultrasonic Diffuser?

    What is an essential oil Nano Diffuser?
        An essential oil nano diffuser is one of the fastest ways to scent a space. It atomizes a concentrated blend of essential oil fragrance into a mist of tiny particles or droplets.  They hang suspended in the air and can travel throughout the space very quickly. The perfect Air Freshener
    Why is it waterless?
        There is some confusion over terminology used to describe scent machines like these. True
          nano diffusers 
      do not need water to operate. Since there is no need for water - the scent can travel much faster as it is not diluted in any way. This can be beneficial for those that do not want to add humidity to a space, or if water is not easily accessible - like when driving in your car.
    How is it different from an Ultrasonic Diffuser?
      Nano Diffusers are not the same as ultrasonic diffusers that use water. Ultrasonic diffusers are really humidifiers that use ultrasonic frequencies to break up the water particles into tiny droplets of aroma water. They are quite effective in humidifying a space with a fragrance over a longer period of time. These units are often preferred during the drier months of the year and can help with dry skin.
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